Learn from our Staff at BCI what it is like to work for the LOCAL bank.

Karlien Mataroa | Junior Staff

Kia Orana, I'm Karlien and I've only recently joined the Front Line Associate team. BCI is definitely a great place to work and everyone has made me feel so welcome. I'm proud to say I'm part of the family.

Simona Aumetua | Senior Staff

Kia Orana, the name is Simona but everyone calls me Si. I've been working for BCI a long, long time (15 years to be exact). It's a pleasure to be in a position where I am able to help and work along side our people.

Jimmi Glassie | BCI Management

Kia Orana! My name is Jimmi! I joined BCI in August 2012 as a returning Cook Islander of Aitutaki descent. I left the ANZ Bank to pursue personal goals and re-connect with my Cook Islands heritage and roots, the connection with BCI has been a perfect match.