"Trees are the lungs of the earth."

To celebrate BCI's 20 years of IMPACT, BCI Manager of branch network - Mii Joseph and team embarked on a project in Aitutaki to address the effects of climate change while also supporting the Community by planting trees around Araura Enua.

With our 20 years of IMPACT as our 2021 birthday theme our BCI Aitutaki branch have been hard at work planting over 100 trees before the end of June as a lasing impact on our environment and community.

BCI wishes to thank the Aitutaki Agriculture department, Pepe Raela and staff, Arenikau Task Force, Amuri Sports and AU Vaka O Ru for supporting our tree project. 

The trees included Tamanu, Vikavakava, Naponapo Enua, Abiu, Breadfruit, Avaocado and pomegranate. All trees were distributed to the primary schools, BCI homeowners, traditional leaders and local social groups.