Our Community Account

At BCI, we don’t want to just serve the community; we want to be a part of it. That’s why helping out wherever we can is so important to us. Whether it’s sponsoring a local event or helping a non-profit organization with their financial needs, we believe that being good neighbours helps improve the quality of life in our communities. BCI’s new Our Community account is a service package designed for non-profit organizations to help build our people and as a result, build good communities. Come and be part of “Our Community”.

Do we qualify for a BCI “Our Community” account?

Organizations that may benefit include non-profit associations, service clubs or charities that exist for the general good of the community at large.

The types of organisations who are eligible include:

Features and Benefits

There are two types of accounts- one that receives interest and one that does not. You can elect to take either option. The difference between them though is that if you receive interest you are ineligible for the monthly ballot. You can receive either interest, calculated on the daily balance or you can go into the monthly ballot for 1 of 2 allocations of either.

a) a day’s work from a BCI employee to help out your organisation when needed1

b) $250 credited to your BCI account

Product Features:

Community Account
Monthly Fees : NIL
Everyday account : An account that suits your everyday needs
Signatories : Up to four signatories
Free reconciliation book : Up to three books a year
Use of the area in front of BCI House for fundraising : Yes
Promotions : Promote your fundraisers on BCI’s website and community notice boards in branches
Use of one of BCI’s marquees : Once a year depending on availability
Two options of rewards : Either 1) Interest on Daily Balance or 2) Monthly Ballot
(1) Interest on daily balance (up to $500) : 0.5% pa
(1) Interest on daily balance ($500 to $1,000) : 1% pa
(1) Interest on daily balance ($1,000 to $5,000) : 2% pa
(1) Interest on daily balance ($5,000 to $10,000) : 2.5% pa
(1) Interest on daily balance (over $10,000) : 3% pa
(2) Entry into a monthly ballot for : Either of: a) BCI staff member for a working day; or b) $250 credited to your BCI account