BCI will help you make today the day you save for that rainy day or your first home or car or that trip you’ve long dreamed about. Or just watch your money grow and have a Term Deposit as your second source of income.

With a term deposit up to $500,000 you can choose a fixed term of between and 1 and 12 months and reap the rewards and benefits either periodically or at the maturity of the term.

For term deposits over $500,000 inquire with us at cash@bci.co.ck

For 12 months and over 3.40 % p.a. Interest rate

Product Features:

Term Deposit - Key Features
Availability of funds : Fixed
Minimum to open : $500
Term Deposit - Interest Rates
1 month : 2.20% p.a
3 months : 2.60% p.a
6 months : 3.10% p.a
9 months : 3.20% p.a
12 months : 3.40% p.a
Term Deposit - Access Method
Passbook : No
Branch Access : Yes
ATM/EFTPOS Access : No
Cheque Book : No
Term Deposit - Fees
Withdrawal before maturity : $50.00 and 2% deducted off rate