The People's Saver Account is a pay as you go type of account, where you only pay for those transactions you make when using your BCI debit card at BSP or BCI ATMs and when paying with BSP/ANZ EFTPOS. There is no monthly account keeping fee and you earn competitive interest every month. With the Everyday debit card you get convenient, and easier banking.  This is the ideal account to use as your monthly bill paying account and you can keep track of your account movements with TakuBCI app.

For Balances over $300 0.50 % p.a. Interest rate

Product Features:

Banking Account - Fees
BCI ATM or EFTPOS : $0.35
Debit interest charge : $1.50 per transaction
Transaction Fee : $1.00 per transaction
Monthly Fee : $0
Reissue of PIN : $5
Vaka card : $15
Debit interest charge : 19.50% pa
Reconciliation books : $3
Banking Account - Interest Incomes
Balance up to $299 : 0.00% pa
Part Balance over $300 : 0.50% pa
Part Balance over $1,000 : 0.50% pa
Part Balance over $500,000 : 0.00% pa
Banking Account - Access Method
Branch Access : Yes
ATM/EFTPOS Access : Yes
Cheque Book : No
Banking Account - Key Features
Availability of funds : On call
Minimum to open : $10